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12 Hilarious Thanksgiving Games Everyone Will Love

12 Hilarious Thanksgiving Games Everyone Will Love
12 Hilarious Thanksgiving Games Everyone Will Love

These 12 Thanksgiving games are not only funny, they’re perfect for any age - for kids, for teens, for adults, for family, and even for toddlers! Played in minute to win it style, you can DIY these quickly then play inside or outdoor. So skip the scavenger hunt and other activities and try these Thanksgiving party games this Thanksgiving instead. I know I will be!


All of these games are Minute to Win It style games and depending on the number of guests you have, there are three different ways you can play them. You choose. No matter which way you choose, I guarantee they’ll still be fun. And they’re all made to be family-friendly. We played with adults, college students, and even my 3-year-old!

  • Style #1: Man vs. Clock – In this version, one player will be trying to beat the clock for each game. So for instance, they will have to try and complete the task within a minute (hence the Minute to Win It). If they do, they win a prize. If not, let someone else have a shot. If you go with this style, I recommend choosing a different person for each game.
  • Style #2: Head to Head – In this style, you’ll pick two players for each game who will going head to head against each other playing a game rather than trying to beat the clock. So two people will be competing against each other at the same time. The first person to finish wins the prize. Again, rotate through pairs for each game, repeating players as necessary.
  • Style #3: Team Competition – In this style, you’ll split your group into two (or 3 or 10 depending on the number of guests) teams. For each game, teams must choose one player to compete head to head in the game with the other teams. Each team will be competing at the same time and the first person to finish will receive 10 points for their team, the second team will receive 5, etc. This works best if you have quite a few people and is a good way to get everyone involved.

Supplies Needed for Thanksgiving Games

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