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12 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to a Builder Grade Home

12 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to a Builder Grade Home
12 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to a Builder Grade Home

farmhouse style

If I were to describe my dream home, it probably wouldn’t contain any of the following: 1991 ranch in suburbia with a builder-grade interior. However, this is exactly where God has planted me. My dream home would be a 100 year old farmhouse with a wrap around porch sitting on 5 acres in the middle of a cornfield. Unfortunately, this beautiful and serene home is not in my future anytime soon. I have and always will love the charm of the farmhouse style. {Lucky for me, it’s all the rage right now so I can easily get my hands on awesome decor at just about any home store these days!}

Since we don’t live in a farmhouse currently, we’ve decided to bring the charm of a farmhouse to our builder-grade ranch! It may not be my dream home on the outside, but it sure will be on the inside when we are finished with it! We’ve decided to bloom where we are planted instead of waiting for the next big thing to come along. It may be years before we get our dream home in the country, but until then we are going to love the home we do have.

Over the past couple of months we have been dreaming up all of the wonderful changes we want to make to our home over then next two years. It’s going to be dreamy when we are finished, but until then it’s definitely a work in progress. We are a DIY family and are doing this on a serious budget so everything had to be as simple as possible. Lucky for us, the farmhouse style lends to forgiveness with its rustic feel.

Here are 10 ways we’ve chosen to add farmhouse charm to our builder grade home and you can too!

1. Bead Board

Bathroom 6

Not much else screams farmhouse charm than bead board. These crisp white walls really add a ton of character to any room. While real bead board was not in our budget, we found a way to add these beautiful walls to our home on a serious budget!

farmhouse style bead board

We recently installed bead board in our dining room {which is really just an extension of our kitchen} for a total of $60. We purchased 3-4’x8′ bead board panels from Lowes and had them cut the panels in half for us before we purchased them to make it easier. We {and when I say we, I totally mean Tom!} installed them using a level and nail gun. We then caulked and painted {here is where my part came in!} the panels a crisp white. This is now my very favorite room in our house!

2. Replace Fixtures

When you move into a builder-grade home (especially from the 90s), you end up with a lot of brass or gold fixtures, dated ceiling fans, and the cheapest possible pieces. While these things may seem small, they can really have a huge impact on a space. By upgrading your door knobs, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, faucets, hinges, and any other dated fixtures, you can really add a lot of charm and value to your home.



3. Painted Cabinets

You can’t have a farmhouse kitchen without white cabinets. (At least in my opinions!) The beauty of white cabinets is that if you don’t have them already, all it takes is a little paint and a LOT of time. If you’ve got the funds, you can have them professionally painted. However, this can be pretty costly. I was able to paint my entire kitchen with one gallon of paint, one gallon of primer, and some sand paper for right around $50. Not bad for such a huge transformation!


Clean Kitchen

While this kitchen isn’t my ideal kitchen, it’s much better than what it was when we moved in. It’s really amazing how much brighter a room becomes when the cabinets go from a dark and dreary brown to bright white. We have big plans for this space hopefully later on this year.

4. Trim

Trim work can get pretty pricey if you aren’t careful! We really wanted the thicker baseboards, chunky door frames, and simple design. When looking at trim pieces at the big box stores, what we found that we liked was super expensive. So we decided to go the DIY route. And I’m so so happy we did! It is turning out exactly how I envisioned for a fraction of the cost!

trim work 1

With a few simple basic pine boards, we have been able to stack the trim to create exactly what we wanted. By priming and painting it all the same crisp white as the bead board, it flows seamlessly.

NOTE: I will be doing a tutorial on how to DIY your own farmhouse trim within the next two weeks so stay tuned!

5. Crown Molding


Whether it’s on the ceiling or on top of cabinets, crown molding just gives a home that finished feel and that’s no different in a farmhouse. I find that the farmhouse style crown molding is simple, but still full. It doesn’t have tons of curves, points, or ornate details. However, it does add a lot of character to the home.

6. Farmhouse Sink


You can’t have a farmhouse without a farmhouse sink! I’ve wanted one of these sinks since I was a little girl, but when I checked out the price, I had a serious case of sticker shock. They definitely don’t give these thing away. Then I stumbled upon the farmhouse sink sold at IKEA. And for just over $300, I was sold! Farmhouse sinks will really tie together a beautiful kitchen and give it that old house feel.

7. Butcher Block Countertops


Farmhouses tend to have lots of white on the walls and cabinets in particular. One way to bring a little more warmth to the kitchen is through butcher block countertops. They come in a variety of wood types to fit any style. They are affordable yet durable. This is something we definitely plan to add to our kitchen and possibly bathrooms to give a little bit of farmhouse flair.

8. Paint the Doors


As much as I would love to have brand new custom doors or, better yet, a few barn doors to our home, they just aren’t in our budget. However, a few gallons of paint and some door knobs can definitely be accomplished!

A little bit of paint and some new hardware can really get rid of that basic builder grade feel. Painting out the doors, trim, and cabinets the same color can give a cohesive feel to a home.

9. Board & Batten


I think board and batten is so charming and can be done so easily. Just buy some cheap pine boards, cut them, space them out and nail them on. It’s an easy and affordable way to give any room some added character. I think board and batten looks best in entryways, hallways, or bathrooms.

10. Add Beams

When we moved into our home, we had to tear down a wall that was actually added by the previous owner that separated our kitchen from our living room. {Seriously, who would add a wall?!} When we removed this wall, we added a beautiful beam that wrapped around the support. While I was initially disappointed that the beam had to stay, I’ve really grown to love the character it brings to our main living space. Old rustic beams can really make a newer home feel old.

11. Open Shelves

While all open shelving just isn’t practical for our lifestyle (apparently Goldendoodles do actually shed so beware!), I think a few strategically placed can make a huge impact.


I love the combination of the beautiful rich wood shelves, metal brackets, and white dishes in the picture above. Farmhouse style is really in the small details.

12. Shiplap


Of course, I saved the best for last! If you know me in real life, then you know I have a complete obsession with Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines. Well, Miss Jo Jo loves her shiplap and has seriously made me a believer! It’s the most stunning way to add character to any room and make it seem old, rustic, and like a real farmhouse.

We plan to add shiplap to our living room and possibly bathrooms. Mandy from House of House did an amazing tutorial on how to DIY shiplap using basic plywood! It’s a super affordable way to add some character to your home!

If you are in love with the farmhouse style as much as I am, but have no plans to move to a country farmhouse anytime soon, consider adding some farmhouse charm to your home. The farmhouse style is very classic and timeless. These tips are much easier than you think and are budget friendly! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to Lowes and get started on these projects!

Happy Renovating!

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