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14 Hairstyles That Men Find Irresistible - Style & Designs

14 Hairstyles That Men Find Irresistible - Style & Designs
14 Hairstyles That Men Find Irresistible - Style & Designs


14. Major Volume – Natural Or With Some Assistance!
Huge hair just turns on a switch in guys – not drag queen big, or overly teased, but if you curl your hair or find a way to give it some more volume, it will both make your body look more slender, and make you look like a fierce and confident lion babe.

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10. Face-Framing Layers
Any cut that lets a guy focus on your gorgeous face is going to be a hit! Well-framed layers that frame your face work for almost ever hair type, and makes the look a little more edgy and a little less polished. Super sexy. Also increases chances of him brushing hair back from your face, and the layers add depth and dimension to make it look like more hair.

11. Boho Braids/Crown Braids
Perfect for the laid-back hippie vibe, which guys absolutely adore. It’s almost like wearing natural jewelry – a loose but ethereal braid almost looks like a tiara or lovely headband atop your head – little do they know, it’s your own hair!

12. Pigtails
Ok – this one is kind of surprising, and might not work for all the gals. But…;almost all guys are turned on by pigtails. Think cheerleader fantasies. Hold them with an elastic, and if you want to go extra cheerleader-chic, decorate with a length of ribbon. We promise guys will comment on it.



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