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20 Long Hairstyles You Will Want to Rock Immediately!

20 Long Hairstyles You Will Want to Rock Immediately!
20 Long Hairstyles You Will Want to Rock Immediately!

Twisted Half Updo For Long Hair

#2: Half Braided Crown

Straight, wavy or curly, this hairstyle is perfect for any hair type. You can use a traditional braid or try something more complicated like a looped fishtail that wraps around the back of the head from above the ear line on both sides.

Half Updo With Fishtail Crown

#3: Long Hair Bump Braid

Bump up the hair with volume and accentuate with a romantic braid crown around the bouffant. Combining braids, curls and straight sections, this hairstyle is as gorgeous as a princess.

Braided Half Updo With A Bouffant

#4: Multicolored Long Hairstyle

Long hair cuts allow you the advantage of being creative with style and color. This one in particular incorporates all the beauty of blonde, black and brown into one. With hair sectioned off and plaited into tight braids, the remaining length is twisted into a ponytail. Casual, fun and functional!

Braids Into Ponytail For Long Hair

#5: Long Hair Pretty in Pastels

Platinum blonde locks can show off sweet, subtle hair pigments like baby pink and mermaid blue. These subtle accents of color are sexy and modern without being too overpowering to wear to the office.

Side-Swept Messy Long Hairstyle

#6: Long Braid of Color

The thick, creative braid with plenty of length is a fun bohemian option for long haired girls. Add in a pop of bright color along with some ombre highlights for a truly unique style.

Long Messy Boho Braid

#7: Long Bubble Braid

Long hair styles sometimes take a cue from sci fi and fantasy trends, like this long bubble braid that’s created simply by wrapping sections of hair around itself to form puffs of gathered hair that cascade down the back.

Bubble Braid For Long Hair

#8: Punky Pink Long Hair

Remember when you tried to dye your hair with Kool Aid that one summer in middle school? Well, get ready to try it again – bright, lively hues are popular with plenty of long haired gals, including those who feel pretty in pink.

Easy Braided Half Updo For Long Hair

#9: Creative Long Hairstyle

Combine an unusual braid with a standard pony for a creative look that’s ideal for all occasions from your cubicle to the dance floor.

Mohawk Braid With A Long Ponytail

#10: Candy Shop Long Hairstyle

Forget blonde, brown and burgundy – go with a hot pink, electric purple or even white to really turn heads. Hairstyles for long hair can be playful no matter what your hair type or age. This chunky inside out French braid is manageable and fun.

Pink And Purple Hair With Blonde Highlights

#11: Accent Braids for Long Hair

Don’t have a hairband on hand? Get strands out of your face by pulling them into a subtle accent braid crown. Work in one, two or several braids and secure underneath the hair with bobby pins.

Long Hairstyle With Three Thin Braids

#12: Long Hair in a Purple Dream

If you love purple, go all out with a striking lavender hue that’s truly unique. Work in some blue and platinum accent strands to bring dimension and staying power. When you’re looking for ideas, this is definitely an entirely original look.

Long Pastel Purple Hairstyle

#13: Side Braid Long Hairstyle

Simple, sleek and convenient for both day and night occasions, hairstyles for long hair can be as easy as a side French braid that keeps locks tame and lovely.

Long Hairstyle With A Braid

#14: Long Sweeping Beauty

Soft, flowing long locks are gorgeous on any girl, and this hairstyle easily plays up the femininity of the quintessential girly girl. Have plenty of bobby pins on hand for this one, and once you braid the middle section, ditch the hair elastic and let hair flow naturally. Perfect when you aren’t planning on scheduling hair cuts for awhile.

Long Half Updo With A Big Loose Braid

#15: Long Edgy Braids

Section off hair on the smaller part of your side-parted mane for some braided back coifs that go well with a rebellious spirit. This no nonsense hairstyle is perfect for any age and can also help to conceal imperfections of growing out haircuts.

Long Wavy Hairstyle With Side Braids

#16: Romantically Classic Long Hair

Haircuts for long hair often include layers, but not necessarily. If your hair is long enough all over to play with some classic styles, try this Greek goddess look that’s easy and beautiful.

Side Braid Half Updo

#17: Long Thick Braid Style

If you want to get creative with your long hair, try a chunky, loose braid that isn’t held secure with the usual pins and elastics. Balayage hair color only adds to the stunning final look.

Twists Into Chunky Braid Long Half Updo

#18: Embellishments for Long Hair

Romantic, curly mermaid hair is beautiful and appropriate for any summer occasion, and it’s made best with adorable hair embellishments like starfish, seashells or flowers.

Cute And Easy Curly Half Updo

#19: Curly Natural Long Hairstyle

Long hair styles don’t need to be complex. If you’re fortunate enough to have natural hair that’s kept reasonably under control with the right hair product, then let it flow free! Bold and sexy, natural hair is always in style!

Caramel Blonde Natural Hairstyle

#20: Long Functional Side Braids

Section the front portion of hair and braid diagonal mini plaits, securing them with hairpins on the back of the head. This is a cute option for bangs that are growing out or a tamer for some unruly layers and flyaways.

Long Ash Blonde Hairstyle With Three Braids

Long haircuts come with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your particular hair type and personal style. Take some time to play around with different hairdos or visit a professional stylist for a whole new look without sacrificing a lot of length. If you’re patient and willing to take the time to invest in some incredibly beautiful and impactful hairstyles, you’ll find there are truly so many options for long hair.

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