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5 Beautiful Long Hairstyles For Woman

5 Beautiful Long Hairstyles For Woman
5 Beautiful Long Hairstyles For Woman

Long hairstyles - The half bun.jpg

The half bun is a very popular long hairstyles idea for woman, what is equally famous following by many decades. By this hairstyle you will get occasional look and is quite easy to make. At first, make section at the front side of your hair and grab it and secure them with bobby pin. Then, grab the middle part of your hair and make a ponytail and tie them with a hair band or elastic. Twist them to make a bun and entangled it and secure with clip. To keep it perfect for longer time use hairspray. After that make braid or twist with the lower section of the hair and decorate it with your half bun. If you are done then turn to your first section of your hair, comb them properly. Make twist with this section and secure it with the stylist hair clip at your side. This hairstyle is perfect for any evening party or any marriage occasion.

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2. Wavy locks with side swept bang

Long hairstyles - Wavy locks with side swept-bang.jpg

If your hair is too long and you don’t want to tie it you can try this long hairstyle idea. This hairstyle is quite easy to make but stylist. To get this hairstyle you need just a little more time to make wavy curl. At first make sections with your hair so that you can get your wavy locks perfect. Make sure before trying this hairstyle that your hair is perfectly clean and must use leave in conditioner to make your hair extra smooth. Start making wave with the strands of your hair, and make the each section complete to get perfectly wave. To get wavier curls keep the strand an inch or maximum 2 inch that will make your look more stunning. All the section done then set your hair as per as your choice. Use hairspray to keep this long hairstyle organized for longer time.

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3. Long side ponytail

Long hairstyles - Long side ponytail.jpg

Long side ponytail is a very easy but beautiful long hairstyle idea that is why maximum women with long hair prefer this. Moreover this hairstyle is suitable for any kind of girl, whether you have curly or straight hair or you can be stylist of yourself. You can make curl or wave with some small strands of your hair at front by your ceramic hair straightener. Then tie your hair with stylist hair bands and left it in a side. To keep your perfect you can use little amount of hair spray over it.

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4. The fishtail

Long hairstyles - The fishtail.jpg

Scarcely have you found any girl who do not like braids hair style. This hairstyle is quite perfect for long hairstyle. You can get a stylist and trendy look with this fishtail braid. However, it seems a little bit difficult if you have not tried it before. But if you prefer new look for your friend’s wedding party or date with your boyfriend, you must take this extra effort. To learn this hairstyle you can find many helpful video tutorials what will help you to learn this long hairstyle idea.

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5. The sleek updo

Long hairstyles - The sleek updo.jpg


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This hairstyle is quite easy to make and quite stylist one. If your hair is naturally wavy you can try this hairstyle without leaving your wave outside. At first make sections of your front side hair then make bounce with it and tuck it with the bobby pin. Then grab the rest of the hair and make ponytail, and create a fine twist until it turns into bun. Once you are done then secure it with hair clip and leave hair spray over your hair for longer stay.

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