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Cool Ways to Rock Bohemian Style

Cool Ways to Rock Bohemian Style
Cool Ways to Rock Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is somewhat hard to define in terms of home decor. Is it hippie? Is it gypsy? And how does that translate into interior design? According to Urban Dictionary, Bohemian is in part those that "like wearing a mixture of weird clothes and mix different fashions together just for the heck of it." So how do you get that cool Bohemian style in your home? Layer the color, layer the patterns, and have some fun! This space has that quintessential gypsy vibe with pops of colorful, layered prints.

Play with Color

In order to achieve that free-spirited, fun-loving feel in any space, you must first disregard the idea of playing it safe. Rather than sticking with tried-and-true color and pattern combinations, be creative. Be bold. Push the limits of color theory and layer colors in everything from floor to ceiling. This room features a variety of vibrant colors that give the space that Boho feel.

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